Kroger Cards

Do you shop for groceries? Of course you do! Through a partnership with Kroger, the GLSO now has another no-hassle way for you to donate to your favorite cause.

  • What is it?
    Kroger Cards are rechargeable Kroger gift cards. They start out with $5 on them, but you can add any amount to the card that you want. Once you have your card, simply go to Kroger, add money to your card, spend that money on the groceries you would have bought anyway, and then save your card for your next trip.
  • How does this help the GLSO?
    Every time you use your rechargeable Kroger gift card, the GLSO receives a percentage (currently 4%) of the amount you added to your card as a donation directly from Kroger.
  • How do I get a card?
    Just come into the GLSO during our normal office hours and make a $5 donation to the GLSO. Our office manager will give you a Kroger gift card.
  • What do I do with it again?
    Take your card to Kroger. Shop as usual, but once the cashier has rung up all your groceries, have them suspend the transaction, put that exact amount on your gift card using whatever payment method you would normally use to buy groceries, then use the newly-charged gift card to pay for your groceries. Kroger employees are happy to help you do this, and it only adds a minute to your shopping trip.
  • How much money does the GLSO make off this program?
    We receive a donation from Kroger of 4% of all the money that is put on these gift cards. With enough people using the cards, we can get a check from Kroger every month that helps us continue providing services to the GLBTQQIA community.

Only the cards you pick up at the GLSO give this benefit to the GLSO, so hurry in today to get your Kroger gift card before they’re all gone!