Gay Senior Pride: Join Us September 18th for our Half-day Conference All About Your Needs

senior prideDevon’s partner died last year. He lives alone on the outskirts of Lexington. He is ill, on SSI, hungry more nights than he admits, and uses the bus now. It would be better if he lived in town near the GLSO, and an old friend from high school, but he doesn’t know how to make things better for himself. He doesn’t know what is available to a gay man.

We hear Devon. On September 18th 1:00 to 4:30. p.m.  there is a conference on the needs of the LBGT aging community, bringing together, answers and ideas from gay seniors and experts with time to talk and ask questions. There will be  a key note speaker, Dr. Jicha a neurologist from UK with gay family members, followed by breakout sessions on Life Skills for Happiness from a psychologist, A History of Homosexuality from an Anthropologist, awareness of services for gay seniors from providers, Legal resources available to you, Nursing Services and Insurance benefits available, and public policy and advocacy for the LGBT community. Ernesto Scorsone will be there to welcome everyone.

This one’s for you: about gay seniors and for gay seniors. Register on the GLSO web site today. It’s free. Click on the link below to start registering for the event.