GLSO Volunteer Drive and Meet and Greet

Volunteers Images

“In 2014, I want to volunteer more for our community!”

- If this is your New Year’s Resolution, then this is your chance!

GLSO has many different areas of focus where we always need volunteers to help such as our Gay Straight Alliance, the Annual Lexington Pride Festival, GLSO Board and Sub-Committee members and helping to staff our pride Center. With all of this being said, we would like to invite any and all individuals who want to get more involved in their community to this event.

GLSO Pride Center

389 Waller Ave, Suite 100

Lexington, KY 40504

Call us for information

(859) 253-3233

All of our existing volunteers are encouraged to attend this also! Spread the word to all of those wishing to do more for our community in 2014!