Negative Partners of Men with HIV


Negative Partners of Men with HIV

Offering Support, Education, & Comfort


Do you love someone who is HIV Positive, and you are not?  Does your partner have an HIV Positive support group to go to, but you don’t?  Do you have anyone to talk to about the changes in your life?  Are you concerned about you and your partners’ future?  Have you built up a wall to keep from getting hurt?  Do you feel pressure to “keep up appearances”?  Do you take time to nurture yourself?  Do you need someone to talk to?  Do you do good things for yourself so that you will be re-energized to care for your loved one?


The GLSO is offering a new program for Negative Partners of Men with HIV for all the reasons above and more.  We have a goal of offering support and understanding by shared experiences. Come share your experience with other like-minded individuals. We are all going through some of the same issues and maybe have faced an unexpected decision that could help you along this journey. If you are having a hard time dealing with anything related to your loved one when it comes to HIV, then start here and let the comfort of others who have an ear to listen be the then one thing that brings you to this meeting.


 It’s a whole new viewpoint


This group is for negative partners of men with HIV.  The group was founded to provide support, education and understanding to an otherwise marginalized population.  There is no other group like this in the area.
It is a place to go to talk about problems, joys, and trials.  The group is accepting and welcoming of all orientations and genders.